Fun and Games

Well there is just no way to share our whole journey without either a) boring you or b) boring me!  I thought I would, though, just give you a snippet of a few moments of our grand tour.

I won’t regale you with the story of our first attempt (and ultimate success) of emptying our portaloo.   Other than to say it isn’t our most pleasant of jobs!  We didn’t read the instructions, men don’t need them don’t you know, and we didn’t have a clue on the best ‘method’ but we managed it with only a few splatters.  Note to self, wear a bin liner next time.

A ride on a replica of the 'The Rocket' train

A ride on a replica of the ‘The Rocket’ train

We’ve walked through fields of cows who insisted on both getting in our way and following us – a little hairy, we’ve gone on roller coasters aimed at small children with myself and Aubrey shrieking like babies, we’ve rock-pooled in Northumberland, built wonderful dens at National Trust properties, eaten a lot of ice-cream (and sandwiches!), travelled on steam trains and boats, dressed up in a lot of costumes and been into a lot of parks, houses, castles and abbey’s.


Comments to note have been (mostly by Barnaby, not unusually):

‘we don’t live in a house, we live in a bus!’ to the ‘purple’ man in York when he suggested we paint our house purple


‘do you have a real house that you go to? we don’t have a real house, we live in our bus!’ to another motorhome owner – you can see a trend here with Barnaby can’t you. It has been said on many occasion, so much so that I now believe we live on a bus!

‘Mummy if we get there and the steering wheel comes off, we’ll be there forever but we won’t die’ on travelling to some wonderful friends’ house

‘mummy can you ask if we can stay here until next summer?’ on meeting the above friends. The next morning he questioned me ‘did you ask if we could stay until next summer and what did they say?’  I was in a lot of trouble for not asking

‘The end of the rainbow is probably in France or maybe South America’

‘Mummy it’s RUINED!’  said by Isabel on visiting…… some ruins

‘Mummy it’s not ruined, it’s new!’ said by Caspar on visiting Durham Cathedral

A notable moment was setting off the powdered fire extinguisher in the bus today!  For some reason the pin had come out and Caspar stood on it to open the front door.  It’s amazing how much powder comes out from a split second blast!  Gave us all a shock, most of all him as we were all covered in what looked like plaster dust and left coughing and spluttering.  Just to let you know, it’s pretty difficult to breath in and also quite a pain to clear up.  The front area of the bus is now covered in a thin layer of dust!

And showing me that my children’s heart is still in Ghana, yesterday whilst Aubs and I were inside at a pub we’d just eaten in we went outside to discover it was raining and our children were running around naked in it, in full view of the A583 in Preston. Oh happy days!

And finally;

Just one of the many costumes Finlay has tried on, this time a Edwardian gent.


Ochina! x


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