In the driving seat

For some reason this post didn’t go through so it’s a bit behind!

Above is Sibsey Trader Mill which we saw this morning, a fully operational mill still producing its own flour, Lincolnshire

I was hoping the day would never come when I had to drive, what I would say is, the mammoth bus. Aubrey, though, has put his back out and we weren’t going anywhere unless I did. I must admit the gears took some getting used to and it is a little (much) wider than a car, so there I was overheating as I drove, with the tension I was feeling. The windows were down, and I was shedding layers as fast as everyone else was putting them on. I did ok though; didn’t hit anything, go into the gutter or misjudge any turns and even reversed without tearing down any fences. I did, though, throw my toys out of the pram when Aubrey wanted me to drive into Boston town centre so he could take a picture of the sign to send to our lovely friend Miles, who’s currently in Ghana but is from the the more famous Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Well we nearly did pack in the trip; I didn’t feel confident of driving the bus into a town when I’d only been driving it for a short time and he didn’t see that it would have been a problem for me as he feels I’m both competent and confident enough to do it! It’s lovely of him to think so but that didn’t register at that moment.

Both of us now in fowl moods, he took over the driving to the town centre and we got our photo! It’s on Aubrey’s phone, so can’t show you the result of our angst! We also managed to get a picture of the New York village sign, just outside Boston here.

Once we were out of the town, I took up driving duties again and off we trundled to Tattershall Castle which was striking. The older boys loved wandering around with an audio device pinned to their ears. Although they claim to have not remembered anything they heard! Finlay did tell us it was built with more than one million bricks.

We are now parked up for the night at another pub. Aus is sampling the ales inside whist I write this. We’re hoping for some better weather soon as its been cold and miserable. Thank goodness Aubrey fitted heating.

And finally….
A rather blurred picture of the kids with some people dressed in fancy dress at one of our pub stops.

Ochina! X


2 thoughts on “In the driving seat

  1. Great to hear you are having an interesting time but sorry that Aubs has done his back in -,well done for taking on driving duties. I fully sympathise with you not wanting to drive the bus in town!!.
    If you get to Lincoln Cathedral please send me a picture as its my favourite cathedral second only to Wells.
    Happy travels

    • Hi Anne!
      Just posted about going into Lincoln! Unfortunately we don’t have great pictures of the cathedral but I’ve posted one I did take. We didn’t pay to go right inside as we didn’t have enough time. We are now staying with some friends in the Peak District. Having a great time but having far too many late nights! Love to you both. x

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