Here we are!


The bus outside our friends Mike & Marion’s house, Norfolk.

I can’t believe that two months have passed since I last wrote, or actually I can!

We are now well into our bus/motorhome trip around the UK and there is so much to tell; from amazing friends who’ve entertained us at a moments notice (saying we’ll spend a night only to spend a few) to beautiful castles, gorgeous parks (the kids will be experts on playgrounds by the end of it!), white knuckle rides, cricket on the village green, homes of Darwin & Churchill, Nelson’s local and an insight into the history and just how much there is to see and do on this small island.

The children have, of course, adapted well to being back in the UK. We had snow on the first week of our arrival which delighted them, as, if you’d asked them in Ghana what it was that they liked about England they would have said the snow!

I am, though, wondering if they will think a ‘normal’ life of home, school, weekends etc is going to be a bit dull once we settle down. Every day now is a journey of discovery; where we’ll stay, what we’ll do, who we’ll see. It’s not even something we know in advance most days.

Tonight we’re parked at a pub called The Lifeboat Inn, which is in a village called Thornham right on the north coast of Norfolk. We have a great little book called Brit Stops which lists pubs and other places like farms, which are happy to have motorhomes parked up outside for a night, so we’re settling in for the evening, with some good local ale for Aubrey and some rum (we are, after all near the sea) for me. It’s a beautiful area. The only problem with travelling around is that we keep finding places we’d like to live!! Norfolk is now high on the list, with Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Kent (almost everywhere we’ve been!) Not as flat as I’d been led to believe, Norfolk has beautiful villages, houses and countryside all at prices cheaper than anywhere we’ve been so far. Who knows!

I’m running low on battery so will end here. Many more stories to follow and now that I’m not only back on line but also back in the swing of writing again it shouldn’t be too long until the next instalment.

Only problem is I can’t download my photos to the iPad which is what I’ll mostly be writing on, so photos will be what I can manage to take on this at the moment, until I can work out how I can do it!

And finally…
Barnaby learning how to shoot an air rifle at Mike & Marion’s


Ochina! X


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