Ghana Speak No. 10 – Running

Perhaps the one you least want to get wrong!

Naturally when people told me they had been running or they were running I thought they were obviously in a hurry to get somewhere or do something.

Not the case. No, far from it!

Running here can be used that way however it is also used to mean that you have diarrhoea!

No wonder when I was telling someone how I had been running (to probably catch a child, not for exercise in case you were wondering!), they looked at me both bizarrely and sympathetically!

I was more than a little embarrassed when I found out my mistake! I now phrase what I’m saying very carefully if it involves moving fast at all!

And finally:
Our new outside eating area, where we’ve been enjoying our Sunday brunches. I’ll definitely miss this.
Ochina! x


4 thoughts on “Ghana Speak No. 10 – Running

  1. Have so enjoyed reading all your news.inspite of all the trials one faces living in Africa Africa gets under the skin. I still miss being will fantastic to welcome you all home. The children look so healthy and beautiful—- I congradulate you wonderful parents. Lol Joyce.

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