All Change # 3

Perhaps this is the biggest change of all, certainly for our family.

After over four very busy years here in Ghana we have made the, strangely both difficult and easy, decision to return to the UK.

Difficult because there are great things about being here and easy because it’s also jolly tough.

I’m not sure those who haven’t experienced it can understand how intense it can all be, and compound that by doing everything in the heat and humidity you get here and I’m sometimes surprised that we have survived both as a couple and as a family.

But not straight back into the 9-5 life for us just yet! No, we are off on a ‘tour’ of the UK for a few months in a motorhome/converted bus that we bought (blind) on ebay!

Living here has never been 9-5. More like 5-9. It is constant and never dull. Having said that I’m not sure I’ll miss no water, no light, escaped animals, kids on top of cars, leaking roofs, people walking through my house uninvited, etc.

But I will miss impromptu gatherings, African storms, stargazing at Stumble, sitting around the fire sipping a cold drink with someone playing the guitar, little shops on every street corner/block selling all that you really need, taking the kids with us everywhere, greeting everyone you walk past and the amazing sense of community.

Perhaps living in a motorhome for a bit will be a gentle introduction into being back, as we’ll still have limited water & electricity and we can do lots of stargazing, but we’ll go from what seems like a huge spacious house here to a tiny space to live in thereby making any house in the UK seem larger when we finally move in!

And when is this taking place you may well ask!? Two weeks today! It’s been booked for a couple of months, I’ve just not got around to writing about it. So we’ve not long to pack in as much as possible, both into our time here and into our bags. Already we are in a social whirl (I guess not that much different to normal!). Every night something seems to be happening!

Once back I will still be writing about our time here in Ghana so don’t abandon me just yet as I still have lots to tell! And of course I’ll be writing all about our adventure around the UK on our bus.

Exciting times ahead.

And finally:
A sad farewell to two of our chickens who we gave to Osmanu and William to ‘chop’!
Ochina! x


11 thoughts on “All Change # 3

  1. Yes, it will be tough for you to say your good-byes after 4 years – gosh I can’t believe you only have 2 weeks left!! Good luck with all the packing, and we are so looking forward to seeing you soon I hope xxx lol

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  2. Louise & Aubrey, Amazing! – that you’ve been in Ghana as a family for 4 years – that you’ve coped so well & achieved so much – that you are heading back to UK in 2 weeks! I really wish you well with your ‘move’ and your UK touring adventure & look forward to catching up with you and all your news before too long.Thinking of you all. Best wishes,X Moyra

  3. Hi Lou,
    You are heading back to UK in 2 weeks, to start the Motor-home tour, and then you do not get back to Ghana? (stupid french guy who did not understand it all … 🙂
    Anyway, wish you all the best for these 2 last weeks, and a good return to UK!
    Cheers to the family!!

    • Hi Alan
      Sorry and yes! But don’t despair, Aubrey will still be coming and going so you’ll still have to visit! We are hoping to come back for a holiday at some stage. I Don’t feel I could totally cut all ties with the country that, lets face it, my children have lived more in than anywhere else!
      Love to your family, kisses for the boys

      • Hi Lou, thanks a lot for your answer!
        Yep, was kind of planning, at some points, to come and visit you in Ghana with Monica and the boys! We can still come and visit in UK, or any other country 😉
        Still have an echo of Aubrey’s proposal a couple of years ago: to take over in Ghana for a month (or two), the time for your family to have a break in UK…. and it sounded kind of tempting.. 😉
        Amazing experience you have been going through i Ghana with the family (including the power shortcut and lack of water on the tap… :))
        And i’m sure that there are more to come, but different!
        Love to your family too!!

      • Hey you can still come Alan! There’s still lots you could do for a couple of months here. And Sabre and Partner Ghana will still be going strong I’m sure. Would love to meet Monica and the boys. Hope all’s going well and you’re getting some sleep!
        Lou xxx

      • we will come down one day!!! 🙂
        Otherwise, all going well, boys are growing up well, healthy, and smiling now! (there are 13 weeks)
        But for “getting some sleep”, not yet… 😦

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