All Change # 2

So what exactly has changed?! Well other than everything, every day (or so it seems!) the major change here is to what Aubrey is doing.

Over the years Sabre has supported schools in the UK who have partnered schools here in Ghana. They have done everything from setting the partnership up to supporting teacher visits from here to the UK as well as teams visiting from the UK to work on projects at their partner school. In fact it was one of the many first things that Sabre was involved in.

As time has evolved Sabre has moved strongly towards working with the Education Department here in Ghana building kindergarten (KG) school classrooms as well as delivering KG training for teachers. All very exciting but at the same time the number of partnership schools was increasing taking Sabre in two directions. It was decided after much thought and discussion to split the two in order that both could have dedicated teams working on them, and Partner Ghana was born!  Aubrey is now overseeing Partner Ghana, and Dom (Bond) Sabre.

Partner Ghana has a variety of school partnerships and works with ASCL (Association of School & College Leaders) to deliver these opportunities all over the UK. Each school ‘partners’ a different school in Ghana who they develop a long term relationship with; swapping best practice and providing an insight into another culture for both schools in the partnership.  The first partnership was set up in 2008, and things have gone from strength to strength.

In order to support the programme Partner Ghana now has it’s own dedicated office here in Elmina, hence the office move.  The Sabre Charitable Trust moved it’s main office a while ago to be near the local education office here in Elmina.

The old house and office pre fence

The old house and office pre fence

View from old house veranda.  The new office is the building on the left.

View from old house veranda. The new office is the building on the left; a work in progress!

It was the end of an era seeing Sabre and Partner Ghana move out of the old office. Perhaps one day I’ll list what our half of the house/office was used for (for those who don’t know, we lived in half of the office when we first arrived here in Ghana). I’m glad we are past the days of living ‘in’ the office.  I got kind of used to people walking through my house unannounced looking for Aubrey or sitting underneath our bedroom window at 5 in the morning chatting, but I don’t miss it!

Putting up the fans in the new office

Putting up the fan in the main office of the new offices

The new office is lovely, bright and clean, with tiled floors (the old office just had concrete covered by thin carpet or lino). Being upstairs it is cool and there are plenty of large rooms both for storage and volunteers to stay. I think they have plans to put a sign up outside over the balcony which faces the main coast road. Dare I say it, but it looks professional and smart. And all for less rent than the old one!

The new office.  Picture taken from our current house

The new office. Picture taken from our current house.

I hope both Partner Ghana and The Sabre Charitable Trust continue to go from strength to strength. They deserve it.

And finally:

A couple of pics from the old office

In the waiting area

Waiting for an appointment 2010

Watching the rugby in the office 2010

Watching the rugby 2010

Ochina! x


4 thoughts on “All Change # 2

  1. My Dearest Louise, I cann’t thank you enough for this last communique, for explaining so clearly how the new arrangement came about and how it’s going to work. I feel a lot happier and vastly relieved.

    I also wish Partner Ghana and Sabre Trust every success in their endeavours which they most certainly deserve – so do their supporting acts!!


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  2. Hi Louise, thks for this update (that Aubs would not have had time to share ;)).
    Sabre Trust, and now Partner Ghana: sounds like a success story, with an amazing quantity of work and passion!
    Congrats to Aubs and Dom, to you and the whole family. And wishing the best for these 2 entities, and for the future of the relations with Ghana Educ Dept, and ASCL.
    Looking forward to come and visit you over there, one day!

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