Ghana Speak No. 9 – First price/last price

When buying anything in Ghana, other than food and accommodation there is generally some bargaining to be done. Although having said that it is not like some countries who go in for full on, and sometimes aggressive haggling, as far as I know.

Transactions are relatively quick and you can try and bring people down in price, although it isn’t usually as dramatic as half. The quickest way to do this is to ask;

‘What is your last price?’ to which they will let you know the lowest they are prepared to go.
They will sometimes offer you this information up front.
‘It is 100 cedis, last price’

Aubrey has been trying to sell a couple of the vehicles and when people call they ask the price and will invariablly ask ‘so what is the last price?’. If they tut and exclaim over this Aubrey will ask them what their ‘first price’ is. It’s a quick way of knowing how serious they are and how prepared you may be in dropping a price to meet theirs.

All fun and games and it does make haggling jovial, quick and straight down the line.

I wonder, shall I try it back at home?

And finally:
A biology lesson on the beach with an eel (or eagle as Barnaby notified someone at Stumble)
Ochina! x


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