Biggest Boy’s Birthday

Our first born was seven yesterday! Where have the years gone?
A usual start to the day – no light (electricity)!
The weekend was a mixture of no light and no water and when the water did come it was dirty so I couldn’t do my washing.

To my delight the water was clear yesterday morning and I went to throw a load in. Pressed go and there was only a dribble of water coming in (I have a top loader so can see the water filling it).

Arrghh, off again, I think. It’s been pretty constant recently with the water being off for whole days.

Then three wet and muddy boys come running into the house. Squeals of delight as there is now a river running outside our front gate. I go to investigate to discover on the one day we have water a man who is digging a trench for the new office’s wall has put a pick axe through our pipe and the water is now all over the place outside of the house rather than being delivered to it. He told Aubrey ‘oh boss, the pick axe put a hole in the pipe!’. Nothing to do with him then!

So he sorts out a plumber and it is all fixed, only to find that in the meantime water is now genuinely off! It really is beginning to bother me! It came back on last night but the pressure was low so no shower, just a bucket bath. It has been off again today, coming on at low pressure again tonight.

Light was on and off all day too yesterday, mostly off so Skype calls to the family were impossible. The cake we had ordered couldn’t be cooked and I couldn’t do one as both the ovens involved are electric. I had it made today, picked up tonight and we’ll have it tomorrow so it will be a three day birthday, as he was also out to a special birthday lunch today.

We asked Finlay what he wanted to do for the evening and he opted for Seatop with a good old egg sandwich and sausage kebab. How easy to please! The one special request was that they could have Sprite.

Sharing a joke with Judy (a visiting teacher trainer from the UK).

Sharing a joke with Judy (a visiting teacher trainer from the UK).

There was a great crowd at Seatop and we were actually the last to leave. I’m going to miss that when we return to the UK. Being able to go out with the kids and meet up with friends, where they are both welcome and included. They order their own food, drinks, snacks etc (sometimes to my surprise when the kebab man tells me I owe him some money, when I didn’t even know they’d had anything!). They are so comfortable there that we’ve even found Isabel sitting on some random man’s lap at another table! A little worrying but not out of the norm here, where children are looked out for by everyone.

We managed to catch all the grandparents on the phone before heading home. Judging by how quickly the kids all fell asleep I think it was a good day!

Happy Birthday biggest boy, here’s to an amazing seventh year.

And finally last night:
Get off the car……..!

One of their favourite past times, when we're not looking - climbing the car(s)

One of their favourite past times, when we’re not looking – climbing the car(s)

Ochina! x


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