For the love of rugby!

Do you remember how we moved the generator and how it wasn’t going to be wired up by the electricians until this Monday?
Do you also know how often we have ‘light off’ here?
Do you remember that the rugby was on at the weekend?
And of course do you remember how England were playing Ireland?
And for any of you with rugby loving husbands/partners, do you know how important said occasions are?

Here, how could we forget! And yes they all coincided on Sunday.

All was going well and we had bought a months worth of DSTV (South African Satellite TV) specifically for the Six Nations and Aubrey was looking forward to this important game against Ireland on Sunday afternoon. When at around 10 am ……. light off!

Ah ha! No generator. Now there is no rhyme nor reason to ‘light off’, as far as we can tell. It can last a matter of seconds to a matter of hours. And of course we didn’t know how long this one would last, but Aubrey was taking no chances.

First we commissioned the old little generator from Stumble Inn to be brought to the office. This was diligently worked on to see if it would ‘spark’. Nothing….

Next we asked Jacob (the Mechanic) to come (after church) and take a look at both the little one and the big one.
Together with a lot of ‘alala’ connecting of wires to the right places I heard the sound of a diesel engine. This all sounds very quick but it took from when light went off until about twenty minutes before the game started late that afternoon to get it going!

All I can say is well done and a huge ‘phew!’ as it would have been a very different Aubrey that evening if he couldn’t catch the game.

Hope you all enjoyed watching it somewhere without the pre-match build up we had! Looking forward to the next one, and light will be no problem this time I’m sure – lets just hope there isn’t a storm brewing somewhere affecting the satellite link!

And finally:
Happy Valentines Day one and all!
Ochina! x


2 thoughts on “For the love of rugby!

    • Hi Rich, had a very happy man yesterday when we had light (and water – which makes me happy!) and the satellite was working! Even had some ‘fans’ round to watch; some American’s and Ghanaian’s! I think a lot of time was spent explaining the rules! Well we can’t be choosy here! Go England go!

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