All change # 1

Rather than hit you with one enormous detailed post of what’s happening out here with regards to the Sabre Trust, work etc, I’ll try and break it all down into manageable posts. I kind of wish that was what we could do here – it is constant change, movement, people going, coming etc. etc.

So before I talk about the new changes to how things are working now, I will let you know that there is an office move taking place. Or should I say has taken place.

The office has gone from next door to us, to opposite us! Literally! It’s an amazing new office relatively speaking and is all very exciting.

Moving the office

Moving the office

A lot of stuff had moved over on Friday, but the last few things were moved on Saturday with the hardest bit of the move, moving the generator left till then.

It is a huge thing and when it originally arrived involved being lifted into place by a tow truck with a small crane (HIAB)! Not so for this move. It was decided to drag it from it’s old home to its new home, all of 50 meters away or so. It was quite an operation. Our generator is our saving grace when we have ‘light off’ which seems to be rather too often for my liking!

Whilst it was being moved the electricians were also here rigging up the electricity on the new building. This involved all sorts of wires being taken here there and everywhere. I think they are on a waiting list to be put onto their own meter by ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) but this can take weeks so until then they are feeding off another meter (with consent!). Needless to say for the whole day we had ‘no light’ as to do this they had to disconnect our house, and no generator meant me getting a little tense every time a child opened the fridge (and freezer) which happens a lot.

Half way there and the clutch goes!

Half way there and the clutch goes!

The moving of the generator happened towards the end of the day and was going amazingly well when the Bedford truck decided to develop a clutch problem right outside our gate. There was now no truck to pull! They managed to move it aside and in came the trusty old Landrover (#3) to finish the job. Pushing it into its final place required a lot of muscle but it got there. Hooray! However it wasn’t plugged in. Yet. We had to wait until Monday for that.
Next up the Landy

Next up the Landy

Followed by some manpower and it's there

Followed by some manpower and it’s there

The electricians were still busy wiring everything up and whilst the truck was moving the generator I decided to take the little ones in for a shower to get them out of the way (they wanted to ride on the truck like the bigger boys). So we went in for our shower only to find that the shower head & lead was ‘live’! And not just a little bit. It didn’t throw any of us across the room (we all touched it) but it did hurt my arm for quite some time. How is this possible with the electricity off and no power coming to the house? Don’t ask me! I mentioned it to Aubrey and at the end of the day the electrician popped in to check it and he said that they had got some wires mixed up! Oh great! My faith now in not being shocked by anything I touched was slim! They fixed it, but even now I test it with caution!

All ended on a great note with us all having an impromptu ‘party’ in our drive! Beer flowed, music played and they even got Aubrey dancing (a couple of steps at least!) which sadly I missed taking a picture of. Nana boy was the main dancer trying to get everyone to join in, even Nana girl had turned up (it was her day off) as she was bored at home. There were even a few people there I didn’t really know – Johnny the taxi driver, a girl who goes to church with the Nanas.

It wasn’t a late party and soon everyone had disappeared into the night ready for some final touches to the new office on Sunday.

Happy days!

And finally:
The boys on the Bedford, not stressful in any way at all……
Ochina! x


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