Letter from the past

I thought I would share this with you before throwing the original away! I may have already talked about this letter but not on this blog.
When we first moved to Ghana we had a housekeeper called Emelia who was a friend of ‘chef’. Chef, like the name suggests, cooked for us, but for those of you not in the know already, chef also liked to drink…and one day he simply did not come back to work!
Anyway Emelia had a few children and lived not far from us. She was learning to become a preacher and early on she invited the children and me (just F, B and I at the time, C wasn’t even a twinkle in our eye!) to her home village to a church/prayer/women’s religious meeting.
We duly went along. The kids being 2, 1 and 8 months at the time didn’t sit very still as they got a little bored, but they were very good about it. There were a few strange moments of people getting very impassioned and somewhat in a trance but we had an interesting afternoon with the boys having a kick about with the local kids. In so much of a kick about a 2 and 1 year old can have!! Mostly stealing the ball and running off with it!

Afterwards Aubrey received a wonderful letter from Emelia’s son which I have quoted word for word (spelling for spelling, grammar for grammar) below.

Dear Sir (Mr Obouri),
I am very happy and pleased to write you this letter. How are you doing? I hope by the grace of the almighty God, You are fine and energetic as I am here.
Dad, the main purpose of writting you this letter is that, I want to thank you for the gift you gave to my mother “Mama Emelia” to be given to me. I thank you you very, very much for what you did and am appreciated to that may the almighty God richly bless you in aboundant.
But Dad, Do you know something? My Mum and Chef have been talking about you, Mama Louis, Feline and Banabie. How you people have been kind to them. But for now, I know Mama Louis, Feline and Banabie but I had never seen you before with my naked eyes.
Please Dad, can you please do me a favour? The favour is that, I would like you to visit me one day with Feline and Banabie. The day Feline and Banabie came to our place, infact, I became soo happy and proud of them simply because they are very comical and at the same time they are very handsome. They are also kind, cheerful and also like football a lot like I do. So I just love them. I hope they are my brothers.
Okay! Dad, I would like to end here. This is the main purpose for writing you this letter. but one’s again, I thank you a lot and I’m really, really appreciated with that. Thank you, may the almighty God bless you and your family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen. Goodbye, greetings to Mummy, Feline and Banabie.
Your sincerely
Emmanuel Dodzi


And finally:
Like some popcorn Isabel?….
Ochina! x


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