Saturday 26th January 2013 – Goodbye’s and Hello’s

This day was a day of mixed emotions.
In the morning Aubrey and I went to a memorial service here in Cape Coast, organised by and for Global Mama’s staff, to celebrate the life of Mel. It was held on the same day she was being cremated back at home, or so I believe.
Needless to say it was hugely emotional. It makes it all the more real when you’d rather hope that it isn’t. Goodness knows what it would have been like in Canada. My thoughts were again with her family.
The service went a small way to understanding and seeing how loved Mel was. I think that can be rare; to find someone who so clearly impacts positively on so many people’s lives. It was held at the Methodist Church in Cape Coast and the preacher was, I thought, perfect. He wasn’t showy, didn’t shout, didn’t act but was interesting and spoke very well, imploring us to get out and do what we needed to do now and not delay or procrastinate, from the small to the large things. He knew Mel and spoke fondly of her, reiterating everything we know about her. The whole service really did confirm how she had the rare ability to be a friend to everyone, neither judging nor discriminating. May we all learn from her.

Later on we headed down to Stumble Inn to give the kids a chance to let off some steam. For some reason they are super hyper at the moment. Well the older boys are. They really didn’t stop tearing around from when we arrived until we left which was a good few hours. I’m not sure all the guests appreciated their energy, especially the German family they kept creeping under the chairs of and growling like tigers at. I did rush over to pull them away but the guests said they had been relaxing all day and didn’t need to relax anymore so were happy about it! They seemed to be smiling at least.

Anyway whilst down at Stumble we bumped into some lovely ladies whom we had had the pleasure of meeting one of before. A few years ago now we had met up with a husband and wife at Seatop who were involved in some project work closer to Accra and Aubrey was advising them on a few things. Anyway the wife, Fiona, was back to work on a health project (she’s an obstetrician) with some midwives and other medics. It was lovely to meet up again and I got chatting to, or rather I chatted at Fiona and her friend, Kerry, who was a midwife. It was so lovely to meet them and chat away that I kind of forget how much I miss just a good old gossip with people (esp. women) who are educationally and culturally similar. It does make a difference at times, and especially today when I needed friends around.

Some of the stories about giving birth here are hair raising to say the least, but perhaps that’s for another post.

Well, here’s to friends everywhere, both new and old. May we all get out there and do what we dream of doing, it’s never too late.

And finally:
An evening dip……
Ochina! x


2 thoughts on “Saturday 26th January 2013 – Goodbye’s and Hello’s

  1. Hi there, its Danielle again, Mel’s younger sister. I went back to your blog to read it again and saw this post. On the 26th we were having Mel’s memorial or “Celebration of Life” as we called it and she was cremated the next day. Its so nice that you had a service in Ghana for her and it looked like so many people attended.
    I like reading about your adventures and seeing pictures of Ghana as it reminds me of my sister. I never had the opportunity to travel there to visit her from Canada but was hoping to one day. I still think I will one day.
    Thanks for all the nice things you say

    • Hi Danielle
      It’s lovely to hear from you again. I’ve been thinking of your family and hoping that you are all ok. I do hope Mel’s Celebration of Life went well. I’m sure it was bursting at the seams with people who loved her. It was a very touching service here with many people attending and some lovely speeches about Mel and what she meant to everyone.
      I do hope you get to visit Ghana one day and see for yourself why Mel loved it so much. I also just want to say, it’s incredibly easy to write nice things about a woman like Mel. She will certainly never be forgotten.
      With much love

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