I’m back!

Not that I’ve actually been away, but we have not had internet connection in our house for the last two weeks so I’ve not been posting on here.

Having no net is both a blessing and a curse. I can’t believe how much time I waste on the internet. I read a whole book (no not a kids book, a proper grown up one) when we didn’t have it, as well as started to file stuff, sort through things to throw out, give away etc. I even managed to go to bed earlier and get a full night’s sleep!

The only thing about not having it was that I felt strangely cut off and more isolated from everyone and there were a few things I wanted/needed to get on with but couldn’t.

So here we are again! It’s been strangely quiet so no big stories of adventure (although we did manage to go and see Kwame ‘The Snow Leopard’ and his family in Accra) but I’m sure that will change.

Update on the usual is: Light has been off at times, water has been off too, the fence on one side of the garden blew down today in the strong harmattan winds (the second harmattan this year!) so now feeling rather exposed, temps hitting the 40’s during the day, kids usual crazy selves, was taken out to dinner by my husband (we concluded it happens one to two times a year), Isabel thankfully not insisting on wearing tights anymore, but Caspar now has an appetite for eating batteries.

And finally:
Footprints in the sand, batteries not included….
Ochina! x


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