Poor Cow!

Some excitement in the house (well not quite in the house thankfully) on thursday this week.

For those of you who have read/kept up with this blog you may remember me talking of a house down the road with about 19 dogs.  Well to add to the mix they bought a small bullock recently.

Cows are not that common here and when I asked about it, the boy from the house said that a relative had died and they would use it for the funeral.

Anyway I think the weekend must have come for the funeral, which was going to be in Kumasi, and they went to get the bullock which obviously had other ideas, as it escaped.

It must have been a sight seeing it running off down the dirt track chased by a few strong men.  Suffice to say it ended up in the land behind our house by the small school.

I see you.....

I see you…..

There were a few moments I was worried it was going to charge our fence which is made of what is now rather flimsy bamboo.  I instructed the kids to run away fast if that happened!  It looks smaller in the photos, or perhaps my imagination had made it larger.

It took six to eight fully grown men to try and catch it, and many more to watch and offer advice!  It was fairly comical but I wouldn’t have liked to have tried to catch a frightened bullock.
Catching it took a while, so much so that we had got bored with watching!  When they finally got it down they all sat on it and trussed it up and I was worried for a moment that they were going to slaughter the thing there and then.

But no they left it tied up, then went to get a pick up truck that had already been packed as high as possible with food, bags etc. for the trip to Kumasi (about 4-5 hours away on a bad road).  The bullock was then manhandled into the back with everything else, lying on its side at an odd and what looked like very uncomfortable position.

As they drove off I saw six of the men all sitting at the back with it.  I think they may have been a little worried it would escape again. I was rather hoping it would.

And finally:
Batman has been learning to fly…..
Ochina! x


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