Back in Time # 1

In order to try and preserve memories surrounding photo’s, especially since we had all our photo’s stolen spanning from 2004 until 2011 I thought I would go through those we have been sent by friends, as well as those that I still have, and write a bit about when they were taken.

IMG_3571 copy

The first are some pictures of a day at Stumble Inn. We were managing it at the time and I would have been at the bar/reception/kitchen with Caspar who was around 14 months old when these pictures were taken in February 2011.

IMG_3577 copy


It was certainly one of the toughest times I’ve had in Ghana as we were managing the resort which included all aspects (accounts being the most stressful part of the month!) as well as looking after four children under five, one of which I had still been feeding during the night when we took it over.  By fourteen months he was still not sleeping through the night but thankfully his father could get up too for night wakes!  We handed it on to the current managers in April that year.  Much to my relief!   I honestly think I would have got sick with carrying on.  As it was I was so run down I had developed a large sore on my leg that ended up going septic and needing antibiotics, and I had to use crutches as I couldn’t walk.  Happy days!



You will note Isabel’s short hair (she had been dressed by her father in boys clothes, just to confuse everyone!). We had decided to give the boys a ‘number 8’ and as her hair was becoming more and more unmanageable and probably hot for her we decided to take the clippers to her too! I can’t say I was that happy with the results, it was a little extreme, but it has grown back to it’s original curls so all was not lost!



Ochina! x




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