Ghana Speak No. 6 – You are invited

This one took me a while to understand and I was always therefore slightly afraid of hearing it!

We would be eating out and a complete stranger or someone we knew slightly might walk past us and say ‘am I invited?’

Likewise if we passed someone we knew, such as Christina from Seatop, and she was eating she would say ‘you are invited’.

I never knew how to take this.  Firstly I didn’t want to be rude, but I didn’t really want anyone else joining our meal and secondly if they were eating and inviting me, I didn’t think it fair to share their meal and usually needed to get on with whatever I was doing rather than sitting down with them.

What an awful way to think, but oh, so western.  Back at home we would both neither invite someone we hardly knew to share our meal nor would we take time out to sit with them and share theirs.

Thankfully after many uncomfortable situations where I mumbled something and never once invited anyone to share my food, I found out that it is a polite thing to say and no one ever expects anyone to actually join them!  I’m actually rather glad I didn’t ever take someone up on their invitation.  It could have been highly embarrassing, although the Ghanaians would probably be very happy to actually let you share their meal.

Now I’m very happy to shout out ‘you are invited’ as well as being able to decline gracefully to the same request by thanking them.

So next time anyone is passing this way, ‘you are invited’.

And finally:

Which school could you go to dressed as a formula one racing driver?…….


Ochina! x




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