A little snippet (which is actually not so little now!)

Am sitting here tonight after what was an amazingly relaxed day.  Kids had their usual day of a bit of learning (the time, reading, writing), swimming, downloading lego instructions and building from them.  It is Son Number Three’s birthday on Saturday and the two elder boys decided to find him presents amongst all our toys and wrap these up. They wrapped up Lego vehicles they had made with some instructions they had drawn on how they were made, Son Number Two went to town on this wrapping everything in his sight from board games (gluing ‘wrapping’ paper onto the box, which now won’t come off!) to small cars.  What has been unusual is the lack of whining, crying, screaming, frustration that I often get in this heat.  It may have had something to do with my approach from the start.  I was almost speaking in a whisper during breakfast, so softly that Son Number One asked ‘Mummy why are you whispering?’  I told him it was because I did too much shouting yesterday and I wanted to hear the birds to which they all started to be quiet and listen.

Unusually for a week day we went out for lunch to a place called African Pot, across the road from where we live, where they serve local Ghanaian food quickly (something that can be rare here – the speed that is!).  I ordered Jollof rice and chicken for myself and the kids.  As the jollof hadn’t been made yet I requested that they didn’t add pepper or spice.  Ghanaian food can be v.v.v spicy.  Needless to say it arrived and proceeded to blow our heads off!  Watching the boys try to eat it was quite entertaining poor things, they did well though.  I did ask the cook what she’d done and she swore she didn’t add spice or pepper but I couldn’t understand how it could have been so hot.  Probably added chilli which I didn’t mention by name!

African Pot

African Pot

Nana girl and Nana boy came with us.  Nana girl works for me in the house and Nana boy works for Sabre/Partner Ghana.  They are brother and sister, and they have a younger sister called Nana.  It’s not confusing at all!

I even managed to sit in the hammock and read a paragraph of my book later in the afternoon.  I felt like I was on holiday.

The holiday feeling was further added to tonight when we have been subjected to an evening of entertainment from a nearby hotel/spot (I’m guessing here).  In true Ghanaian style it has been loud but what is rather surreal is the choice of music.  Sung in that sort of ‘evening of music accompanied by the piano’ way that holiday hotels are well noted for.  Tonight it was a medley of Whitney Houston, Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder to name but a few!  It was rather nostalgic in it’s execution: Slightly out of key with music hall acoustics.

I’m crossing my fingers for more of the same (from the kids at least) tomorrow.  I think I may be onto something with this whispering thing!

And finally….

another lunch a while ago taking advantage of the new shelter next to the office built for a carpenters workshop





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