Last week Aubrey decided it was far too long since we had been to Seatop as a family.

Seatop is a ‘spot’ (drinking bar) with a small shop and a ‘chop’ bar (place selling food/meals).

It is owned by Christina, better known as Azuma.  We used to go there every night when we first arrived.  Back when a huge bottle of beer was only 1ghc (35p), it’s now about 3 ghc a bottle (£1).  We would take the kids (only three of them back then) and the pram.  They would run in and out of the shop, in fact we would hardly see them as they were looked after by Christina and anyone else with her!  They would usually end up falling asleep on the sand, on a couple of chairs or occasionally in the pram itself.  It sounds like we were out until midnight but we usually made our way home between 7 and 8pm.  Anywhere else and it would have been frowned upon, but things are pretty free and easy here, the kids didn’t need to be anywhere the next day and it was cooler out than in!  Since then they’ve been able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere easily!

So off we go, two on scooters (that we invariably carry) and two on bikes, just as the sky is being covered in the thickest dark cloud and people are rushing to get home before the heavens open.  Why is it we are the only ones out in this?


We managed to sit outside briefly before the rain came and we had to move inside – more a concrete wall attached to the shop with two entrances open to the elements.


The kids, of course, loved the sudden downpour and were soon out building sand police and fire stations where people usually sat.

After a Seatop special of Egg Sandwich (omlette with toast made in a frying pan – delicious!) we headed home in the remaining drizzle with the boys asking me to promise to bring them back the next day to see their sand buildings.

Which we did.

I think they were ready to go as soon as they were up!  Just trying to get there was a challenge though as the two older boys wanted to cycle, the youngest wanted to take his sisters bike with stableizers (which he cycles by pushing one foot down on a pedal, propelling him forward then using the same foot to pull the pedal back up to the top and repeating).  His sister insisted on pushing her doll’s pram, which she wasn’t so hot on steering and kept having to call me to get it out of bushes.  Having done a circuit and gone to meet the older boys who’d cycled off she then decided she wanted to ride her big brother’s scooter (two wheels as opposed to three) and subsequently made me carry it most of the way, thankfully the pram had been left behind by now.  Son number 3 luckily swapped the bike for a scooter and we finally made our way up the dust road, past the house with the 19 dogs.  I really don’t like going past these dogs as they usually bark madly and chase our dogs who insist on following us, but this time on our way home decided to surround Isabel, with me swiping at them with the aforementioned scooter and screaming for them to back off whilst a rather large (obolobo!) man from the next door house came running out in his vest and boxers.  Not a pretty site but a very welcome one.

It was election day.  As we headed back to Seatop in daylight I couldn’t help but notice how deserted it was.  The roads were empty, giving an eerie feel to the place.  There was just a slow stream of people walking to or from the polling station area.  By all accounts the elections went off peacefully but I will fill you in another time with a few of the stories I’ve heard.

Seatop is to the left

Seatop is to the left

As if we hadn’t had enough of Seatop we went back again that evening to meet up with friends, but thankfully it’s not becoming a habit!  I’m not sure we could afford it anymore!

And finally:

One of our regulars in the garden…….


Ochina! x




One thought on “Seatop

  1. Hi Lou – its lovely for me to see these sights as I now know them from first-hand experience back in March and again in August – can’t believe I’ve been out there with you all twice in the last year !!

    Love to you all


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