Another farewell or should I say Au Revoir?

It’s that season again when there’s a mass exodus from Ghana by everyone we know who doesn’t actually ‘live’ here full time.

Sophie kick started it by leaving a little over a week ago.  Now it’s Kathy’s turn.  Kathy is an American lady who has become a good friend since we moved here.  She has been coming to Ghana for years; many years longer than we have lived here.  She has a project of her own at a school in Elmina. Now, also heavily involved in the teacher training programme for Sabre, she comes out to Ghana for long visits, up to three months at a time over the year.

We’ll miss her over Christmas but she’ll be back in five weeks!

For her last night Aubs finished work early and we all went out to try a mini golf course that has opened in Cape Coast in the last year.

Now everyone, are we listening, these are the rules....

Now everyone, are we listening, these are the rules….

I think it must be the best mini golf course in terms of location that I have ever been to.  The course may have lacked imagination in terms of the holes, but I guess I’m used to the overly decorated, gimmicky courses that I’ve seen back at home.  All the kids needed was a golf club (and didn’t even need that half the time) and a brightly coloured ball and they were off!  Literally!  There was no one hole at a time altogether for them.  Fancy number 16?  Off they trotted, then back to number two and so it went.

Doing their own thing

Doing their own thing


As you can imagine it can only really be done if you have no one else on the course.  That’s the beauty of Ghana and home educating; you can take time out of your day in the middle of the week to pop along for a game of mini golf.

The golf team

The golf team

After a good game where everyone won, we all went off to our favourite pizza restaurant, Sizzler.  Another restaurant at a great venue (like the resaurant/bar at Shell garage), this time ‘Glory Oil’ petrol station.  The kids love it because it has a huge area they can scooter around, in and out of diners – where else could you do that but here?!  The only downside is the very loud music but we are so used to it now we hardly notice that we are shouting to each other ‘what’s that you said, another cheer?’.

On the way home in the Sabre ‘trotro’ (minibus) we’d borrowed for the occasion I calmly pointed out (as calm as you can be when you have to shout over the noise) to Aubrey that the boot (trunk) was fully open.  It is pitch dark by now and the kids are all on the back seats and the boot is one that raises up – don’t panic! We didn’t!  So we pull in, Aubrey instructs Bubba to hold onto the boot by the handle as we, he and it bounce around until we are back at the house.  Bubba’s delight at telling us when we finally pulled into the house of ‘oh, it’s working now, the boot’s closed’ made us smile, as if it’s just an everyday occurrence, which to be honest wouldn’t surprise any of us here in the slightest!

And finally:


Managed to get a picture of Kathy (well kind of!) as we settle down at Sizzler’s!



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