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Not a lot of anything much to report in the West of Africa at the moment.  Oh, apart from an impending election which I understand is why the increase in noise (if that is at all possible) has occurred.  Just a lot of people driving round in cars with music blaring giving out messages – all in Fante (local language) so we have no idea what they are saying.

One thing we do know is that they won’t be trying to stir up trouble.  That is just not part of the Ghanaian psyche.  We were here for the last election; there was such a narrow margin between two parties that they had to have a re-run a month later.  The government at the time lost to the other party but I bet hardly anyone heard that there had been an election here or even that Ghana had changed government.  Any other West, or indeed East, African country would probably have had trouble.

Despite, or maybe because of, that things have slowed down, which almost seems impossible but I did see the temperature hitting 48 degrees in the sun today, so that may have something to do with it.

The other thing may be that I have become somewhat more of a recluse since our neighbours left as there is now no excuse to even go next door!  I do have a few topics that I’d like to write about but even my energy can only go so far as to thinking about them!

This time last week we were in the throws of a party.  We haven’t had one for a while and as Sabre had some new long term volunteers who arrived last wednesday  I was asked by Aubrey if we could have some people over (mentioned 12, turned out to be 24!) the same day.  I managed to delay the party for two nights.

Moving the sofa outside

Moving the sofa outside

There is a bit of preparation with these things you know!  I need to instruct people what to do!!  On a serious note, having help makes having a party so much more fun and easy.  I don’t know what I’d do without it.  Nana cooked a Ghanaian dish called ‘Red Red’ which is basically black eye beans in a tomato, garlic, onion sauce and is traditionally served with fried plantain.  She also made Kiliwili, which is a fried plantain snack.  The ripe plantain is cut small, mixed with garlic and ginger (and usually spices) and fried.  Delicious!


Nearly there

Nearly there

We used to have a lot of parties but they seem to have died down a bit, probably because there are less people coming and going.  The beauty of parties here is that you can stick everyone outside in the garden apart from when the heavens open and you end up rushing everyone inside as they grab onto one end of a sofa.

Talking of parties, I’m sorry to be missing the Christmas parties that I’m sure are about to be in abundance at the moment.  When I was younger I never did get bored of having five or more Christmas dinners.  Now, what I wouldn’t do for one!?


We have been watching Sabre play (lose) five aside football ………


Ochina! x


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