School of all change!

So at the weekend I organised what I was going to do with the bigger boys this week for their, what we call, ‘table time’, or at least I’d organised what we’d do today.  Lego number bonds was for starters.  Using Lego to reinforce their number bonds (additions) up to 10. We then had a blog and emails to write as well as their daily journal, practicing th, ch and sh sounds and words, some reading followed by sight words using a ‘car park’ board I made.

The mornings also have an early swim penciled in for 9am and an afternoon one at around 4pm.  In fact we only do ‘table time’ for about an hour or two around 9.30/10am depending on how much we procrastinate, enjoy or get into it.

So how did the day go?  Well I think the question should be did I actually tick anything off my list?  So often I have stuff ‘planned’ and so often it gets thrown out of the window!

Today went like this:

After breakfast their cousin came round and they had out the ‘small world’ box and the Lego and were all busy doing their own thing.  Aunty Sophie arrived with baby cousin and they all played with the small world toys.  I believe Winnie the Pooh ate a lot of honey.  During this time I had breakfast and came back to try and tidy up a bit so we could focus on table time.  It was swim time but I wasn’t quite ready.  Everyone stripped off to their pants or nothing and went to play in the sandpit to build bridges whilst leaving me to sort out what I needed.  Son Number 2 stayed to build a Lego vehicle using the iPad.  A friend arrived to see the children with her magic bag!  They love her magic bag and it does keep producing some lovely treats!  Finally got round to having a swim at 10am.  They are getting more and more confident and the bigger boys will jump off the top of the ladder, and I don’t mean the top step, they actually get onto the handles at the top.  Son Number One can even do a somersault from this position.  He has also started to swim above water, which to be honest is a relief!  I try and get them to practice counting in 2’s/5’s/10’s whilst in the pool.

So after swimming, back to the playroom with their cousin for more Lego and small world play, whilst I get little girl dressed, which given her unusual style can take some time trying to avoid a long sleeved top.  Isambard takes herself off to Aunty Sophie’s house and SN3 is playing in the bath (large bucket).  It’s now or never to get on with table time, but I’ve missed the main morning slot and it could be more of a battle to get them to settle properly so I decide that to ease ourselves into it I would read to them whilst they built, so chose Winnie the Pooh seeing as we had been playing with him that morning.  I then changed my mind and decided to read them a poem, one by Robert Louis Stevenson before Pooh.  So the first question I ask is ‘who knows what a poem is?’.  These are the following answers:

SN1: ‘a place where you live ‘- it turns out he thought I said ‘who knows what a home is?’, phew!  When he understood the question he said ‘words that rhyme’

SN2: ‘colouring’? I think he was following his cousin’s lead who said

Cousin: ‘A picture’

Read the poem called ‘Bed in Summer’ and they then had to guess at the rhyming words and see how much they could remember.  It then opened up a whole discussion about the seasons and why it got dark for so long in winter and light for so long in summer, that I was drawing pictures of the earth and the sun and trying to explain about it’s position during the seasons without both being factually incorrect or too confusing for a three, five and six year old.  We have covered the solar system and that the earth rotates around the sun which they know but I don’t think  they know how this relates to seasons.  We also discussed the differences between the seasons.  We then did a wall chart of the seasons and which months fell in them and who had a birthday in the family in each month.  All this whilst still building Lego.  Seasons probably aren’t that hard a subject but when you don’t experience them it becomes a bit more tricky to explain, especially as it pretty much gets dark here at 6pm and light from 5am every day and of course is always hot.  Our seasons are wet and dry. We are currently in the dry season, although you wouldn’t guess by today’s weather.

So that filled up the time till lunch!

After lunch we were going to do the Biggest Boy’s Blog and some emails when the heavens opened and the thunder crashed for an hour or two which is when they get the urge to take all their clothes off (if they aren’t already) and run around outside, jumping (slipping) on the trampoline and filling up containers or showering under the run off from the roof.  I in the meantime had the dogs getting under my feet as they followed me round in their fear of the thunder whilst I kept an eye on the ceiling waiting for the first drips to appear through this side of the roof!

After this they discovered that their mattresses had been removed (to go to some new volunteers who’d arrived that day!?!) from their bedroom and the crates (we use coke crates as a bed base) were exposed inviting them to make a den from them. They often use the crates and mattresses to create all sorts of dens in their room but now they could build a proper house!

Finally a chance for a last swim before supper, followed by scary naked time (chasing each other/Daddy chasing them in the dark), all the more authentic as the light was off (there was a power cut).  After story time, whilst the others were all in bed it was only left for the biggest boy to do his blog, which he proudly did all by himself (I usually watch and will read out letters), even inserting the photo.

As for me once this blog is written I will finally heave a sigh of satisfaction that a lot was done today even if it wasn’t quite on my list!

And finally:

our bed that’s a house, or our house that’s a bed ……

Ochina! x


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