A place to stay

You didn’t think I would write just one thing on our trip to Accra did you?!  Like any trip outside the gate of our house, or not even that far, there is always something to report on!

This time I just had to share with you our hotel experience!

On finishing with the speech therapist we knew we had to find somewhere to stay the night for two reasons; one is that it is dangerous to drive far at night here.  Not because of how you drive but because of all the other crazy vehicles out there with no lights and overtaking on bends.  The other was because we were told our residency visas would be ready the next day.

I was naive in thinking that we would get a room in one of the hotels that Sabre uses quite easily, how wrong I was.  It was a Monday night and everywhere was booked.  It was then that son number one (SN1) said what about that place with the two boys and bikes?!  No idea what he was talking about, even when he said we had been there with Granny Westie and Dan and it had a gate – aha, a gate, so that narrows it a bit.  Anyway after much thought and confusion we had a lightbulb moment and remembered where he was talking about.  Not our favourite place as we had eaten there and they had said on the menu ‘chips/rice’ served with every main meal only to then tell us after ordering and eating that ‘oh no’ it does not mean that, it is only with some meals (but you had to guess)!  You have to pay extra.  That is v. Ghanaian.

Anyway we were desperate!  So a quick call and yes they had rooms (mmm, was that worrying?!).  Turned up and I asked to see the rooms to check which could fit a family of six.  Saw a large double for 120 ghc (about £40).  I asked how much an extra mattress would be and was told 130 ghc (Ghana cedi’s), what?!  I told her that was ridiculous and could she check.  Turns out she meant it would mean the room was 130 ghc effectively making the mattress 10 ghc.  Silly me!

Moved in to the room before heading out for supper to find that there was netting but no glass in one of the windows making the air conditioning useless, the bedside lamp had a completely different plug in it to the socket (and not one that you could even ‘force’ in), the water pressure was such that if you flushed the loo the shower wouldn’t work and if you turned on the tap the loo stopped filling.  At least the water pressure could be sorted out.  They turned on a pump which ended up ‘humming’ all night.  But what would it be without a bit of noise.

Later on when we returned to the room after eating they had kindly put in the extra mattress which was a double one.  Sadly not as good as the beach lodge (and which I’d like to also inform you was a whole extra double bed, although it doesn’t look like one from the picture).

When we had got back and everyone was tucking into ice-cream on the veranda I went to ask for the wireless code for the internet from reception.  Went in to the reception area where a soldier was watching football and asked him if the receptionist was around.  He said he thought so, so I wondered over to the desk as I heard a noise.  Got to the desk which was at chest height to look down and see a kid acting as receptionist.  Slightly surprised, must have been around nine.  He turned out to the owner’s son (fyi, Lebanese) and was far more helpful and switched on than the original receptionist, or so I thought!

The kids wanted a bath as there was a bath in the ensuite, but no plug.  So Aubrey was commissioned with finding one.  He went downstairs and asked the boy receptionist.  He found a plug for a socket.  We next got a phone call saying ‘please it is reception, you want to buy a plug?!  By then the kids had discovered shower surfing and were much happier so declined both the offer of a wall plug and buying one.

Of course the kids took forever to settle down.  They were all in the same bed, although that shouldn’t be unusual for them as three of them sleep in the same bed at home.  I finally left them thinking that they were settling down and joined Aubrey on the veranda, at the end of the corridor.  Next thing we know, SN1 is rushing to tell us SN3 is out of bed and in the bathroom, SN3 then comes running naked down the corridor crying and dripping wet.  Turns out he enjoyed shower surfing so much that he took it on himself to go for more – at 10pm.  Finally Daddy managed to get them to sleep within two minutes, how come he can do that and I can’t?!

Next morning breakfast was cold omelette, given that it was so quick I think they had actually pre-cooked everything, it wouldn’t surprise me if the day before!

Forgot to mention the icing on the cake; there was a very sleazy man saying to Aubrey that he was there for him, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.  Basically a ‘fixer’ of extra/other entertainment.

What a lovely place!  At least the kids enjoyed playing on the bikes the next morning! I think out of six of us, statistically someone must have had a good night’s sleep but I don’t know which one!

And finally:

We mostly sleep like this……



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