Oh Boy!  I know I wrote the other day about nothing happening at all apart from frustrations, well that hasn’t changed.  There really isn’t much to write home about at the moment as it is just too hot to move so inertia has had the affect of achieving absolutely nothing.

Whilst a lot of people in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the biggest storm in history or are just getting pretty chilly on the other side of the atlantic we are experiencing the hottest it’s been in October for a few years.

It is utterly draining and emotions, tempers and patience have been tested.  Surely there must be a study to show you how people’s emotions increase exponentially to the rise in temperature!  Ah yes just as I thought!

What there isn’t a study for is that for some strange reason as the temperature increases so does the children’s desire to dress in winter clothes.  They were outside first thing this morning (31 degrees and not even 9 o’clock!) playing golf with long sleeved tops and long trousers.  All correctly wearing hats although one of these was a bicycle helmet – golf balls can hurt don’t you know.  Well it wasn’t long before everyone and thing had imploded and exploded!  So much so that their father came from work to see what all the noise was about.  In the heat (ha ha) of the moment he did say to me ‘what are these children doing, they need to have some order!’  What?!  They were playing happily, improving hand eye coordination, working out how best to hit the ball etc., great learning (and games/PE thrown in) I thought!  He just didn’t see all that.  Try getting any ‘order’ in place with hot, fractious children without it becoming a trial (and with a lot more melt downs!), which is what we don’t want.  It’s just too hot and draining to have any additional battles to the ones I already have!

So back to this morning:

Strip down, shower time, reassess the situation – no long sleeved tops, no trousers, no golf until it’s cooling down.  It really is too hot to be outside sometimes and the kids do stay in the house between 10am and 3pm as a general rule.

My patience was being tested by the fact that I had four of them slowly loosing control, Nana was very late, which then leaves me thinking ‘is she, isn’t she coming’ which I find more annoying than her just calling to say she’s not coming and the fridge has decided not to cool properly ironically most likely due to the heat, so an added stress as things spoil so quickly here.  Sounds petty I know in the great scheme of things but any tiny thing really does magnify into much bigger issues when you feel so hot, or at least that’s how it is for me.  You may have deduced that we don’t have air conditioning.  This time of year makes me think we’re crazy not having it.  I do think the heat would be easier to put up with if it wasn’t also so humid.  If you look at it this way, you really don’t need a shower at the end of the day as you are already pretty wet!

I do feel like I have lost control somewhat and have no idea how to get back on track with this heat.  One step at a time I guess but please can I start again?!

And finally:

This year we’ve been enjoying some time on the river…..

Ochina! x


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