What a day…..

….and no nothing of any consequence happened. Indeed there was a lot of nothing going on.

Had a very very very whiny child today. Started at breakfast with ‘I don’t want a boiled egg’, times that by 100+ and increase volume each time said. I had already made the egg so said that was what there was and if he didn’t want that he could have toast or nothing.

‘I want a normal egg’ ?!

‘ok what is a normal egg?’

‘A NORMAL EGG!’ well it had me flummoxed so I sent him out with Nana (lovely ‘do everything’ girl) to buy bread, as you do in times of need.

Came home – ‘where’s my egg?’ – lets not forget the whine here.

Give him the boiled egg, he ate it.  That was to set up my day and it was only 7am.

Morning was okayish really after that apart from hopping in and out of the house to see if the rain was coming. I had washing out and last time I left it out the rain was so heavy and it was so windy by the time I thought to go and get it it was drenched anyway by 1.5 inches of rain (I actually measured it!). Of course at the first sign of rain today I brought it in and hung it around the house and nothing happened.

I did have another 20 minutes of my Whinese child:

‘mummy don’t talk to me’


louder ‘don’t talk to me’  –  so at this point I remain silent

‘Muuummeeee, Muuummee? Don’t talk to me’.

This is said a lot of times and when finally I break and say

‘I’m not talking to you’  he now shouts

‘I said don’t talk to me’.  Can’t win.

Aubrey is away at the moment just for two nights, tonight being the second. Anyway he called me today in the middle of something, probably trying to dress naked children before they could go next door.

‘Someone is coming to pick up the car to put it on the road side to sell it’

OK, I know we had discussed selling it but had decided not to, but anything can happen with Aubrey!! A lot of curve balls that according to him are straight balls as ‘we had discussed it’ before now (even if nothing was agreed, discussing can be agreeing with him if you’re not careful!).  Actually to give him his due he did acknowledge that we had agreed not to sell, but he had spotted another vehicle in Kumasi that was better and around the same price as what we could sell ours for.  So all systems go.

So there is a knock at the door, keys handed over. Ten minutes later another knock, keys handed back, ten minutes later another knock, keys handed over, ten minutes later another knock, keys handed back. All whilst trying to feed/teach/control children.  Nana was out.

My Whinese speaking child then decides he wants me to do something that I’ve said I’m not going to do. Repeats this 100 times plus volume increase. Followed suddenly (whining don’t forget) and not just once.

‘I want to live in England!’


‘because it’s cold’

‘but if you go to England you will soon want to be hot’

‘I don’t like being hot’

‘Well maybe you should take off that long sleeved hoody you’re wearing’  Folks it’s topping 45 degrees here during the day!

‘no, it doesn’t make you hot it keeps you warm’  – Lost battle not worth fighting but I think possibly a case of whine by overheating.

Right, so that whine finished and now I have a call from Aubrey who has me in the garage looking for car bits so they can put the car back together. Hear shrieking whilst in the garage (not sure if good or bad) and go to find the two little ones flooding the bathroom with the shower on full pressure. The water pressure here is very up and down but when good it’s amazing and could pummel you into the ground if you stood there long enough. Turn off tap, limit damage control of water coming into bedroom. Go back to garage. Can’t find one of the three things required. Another knock, keys and parts handed over.

Decide to make a Mindful Jar with Isambard as she’d asked yesterday to do it. It’s a lovely idea, like one of those snow shakers you get. Very simple too, just need glue, glitter, food dye and water. It’s a great thing to be able to give a frustrated or wound up child to shake vigerously and then just sit quietly whilst watching the glitter to settle. Very calming. I want to see how it works with my four, as I think it would be so much nicer than time out.  I just hope they won’t be so frustrated that they throw it, as it’s a glass jar.  We put the glue in the jar together, turn my back for one second as two of the others are now wanting to sit in the sink and wash themselves (we are in the kitchen), turn back and glitter is everywhere; table, chairs, hair, body (yes, what a surprise, she is naked) and a little in the jar, so I guess not all negative!

Get disturbed about the car yet again, turn around and now the two little ones are standing in the sink washing the window shutters, one has the disinfectant spray, the other the cloth. Fine and you could say helpful until I catch kitchen spray being sprayed into the salt container that was sitting there. So salt now smelling of disinfectant. The afternoon was topped off by most of them playing the cymbols as loudly as possible, swimming, a lego explosian and a major bust up by all four children whilst having ‘naked time’ (yes they really do call it that) after supper when it was a domino effect of slapping and hitting. I know who will be the first to use the ‘Mindful Jar’ to calm down, and it won’t be the children. Now where did I put it……..

And finally:

today’s swim time was…..

Ochina! x


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