The highs

Our hut

What a week, or should I say few days!  It’s been as busy as usual so let me go back to when we went away.

It was a typical thursday, doing teaching ‘stuff’ with the kids, when I get a call.  The upshot is we are going away for the night and we are leaving in two hours. Easy! Especially as we don’t need cardigans, however here is a list of what we do need:

  • sand toys – luckily already in a grab bag
  • swimming kit for all of us
  • swimming towels
  • change of clothes for all six of us including ‘long’s’ – not so easy for me as I try to decide which clothes the kids can roll around in on the sand without looking like urchins in public
  • wash kit
  • suncream, mosquito repellant, first aid kit
  • snacks – kids get bored ergo kids get hungry on car trip
  • cool bag for water and aforementioned snacks
  • nappies – including an extra day’s quota (you never know!)
  • makeup and perfume (you never know!)

Fine, and again easy you say, but what you don’t see is the constant interruptions by our children both lovely and, lets be honest when you’re trying to get something done, irritating.  On top of that within that two hours I also needed to get the kids to have lunch (thank goodness I didn’t have to cook it!), tell Nana (our lovely help) what needed to be done that afternoon, tell her about locking up/security, and what was needed the next day as well as what needed to be done re. the animals, have a shower, wash my hair, change and get a couple of kids dressed which is harder than it sounds since we are going through a ‘me get naked’ phase and don’t agree with any of mummy’s clothing choices.

We were late leaving but I don’t think that was me (well maybe the last two minutes, but not the hour before that).  What I did discover though was that the longer I had after the designated time the more things I added to our packing: head torch, sewing kit, nail polish, a few magazines, extra pants for everyone (you never know!). All in all I think I managed to pack everything apart from the kitchen sink and my pj’s!

At last off we head to a new (to us) beach lodge which is around a couple of hours from us so not too far really.  It’s a lovely place with huge rooms, ensuite outside showers, great food and attentive staff (when you can find them!).

Our room

We asked for an extra mattress in our room and as you can see by the picture it may just be the best extra mattress anywhere in the world!  The food needs a few words as they have fantastic food for Ghana!  Here’s what we had in their own words:

  • Classic tomatoe & mozzerella salad topped with garlic comfit olive oil
  • Fish fillet with a coconut chilli graze served with a sweet potatoe and punpkin mash

It arrived beautifully presented and tasted wonderful. All washed down with a chilled bottle of Chardonnay (the only choice but very good).  I was very impressed with the starter as I don’t think I’ve ever seen mozzarella in Ghana.  You can get a little obsessed by food here given that there is little choice and it all gets a bit repetitive!

Likewise breakfast was a treat with pancakes, french toast and banana fritters served with a honey marmalade, and a baguette style egg, cheese, tomato and bacon sandwich.  Only problem was we asked for it at seven in the morning (having ordered the night before).  It didn’t start to arrive until twenty minutes past which was ok, but then it seemed to arrive one thing at a time over about 40 minutes.  I ordered toast and jam in the middle of it all (as I realised we had a lot of hungry kids) and that came before three of the things previously ordered!  Very Ghanaian, we were just thankful there was no one else there!

The kids had a great time playing around in the sand, paddling in the water, climbing the coconut trees and generally letting off steam before we all headed back at 1030 that morning.

And do you want to know how much it all cost?  A chalet plus extra ‘mattress’, dinner for four kids and two adults, breakfast for all and drinks?  Seventy pounds – sterling!  That’s one thing I love about being here – you can decide at the drop of a hat to throw the kids in the car, grab a laptop/iPad to work on plus your phone and go off for the night, and to top it all not worry about the price.

So off we all went content and refreshed from our mini break.  Happily driving along in the bus about an hour later I looked down at my wrist as I felt something was wrong.  Yes, there it was, no bangles!  Oh ****!  I felt sick.  My bangles, on loan to me to be able to pass them on to my daughter as my mother had done to me and her mother to her, solid pink gold 18c antique bangles, an heirloom and a link to my heritage left under the pillow back at the lodge. What a fool to say the least.

‘I’ve left my bangles!’  Can we stop.


And finally:

Tonight I have been cooking (and both of us eating) (Ghanaian!) lobster for the first time

Ochina! x


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