Happy Days!



Our pool is once again up and running after we let it down for the rainy season (a big thank you to all those who worked hard to get it ready). It’s much appreciated as things hot up here whilst they are cooling down in the northern hemisphere.

One of my greatest pleasures is watching our children play happily together and listening to their chat. Today three of them were in the pool, 1st born (6), 3rd born (4) and last born (2). As I quietly kept an eye on them the conversation was dominated by the eldest helping the other two onto and into various floats, boats, rings, boards etc, giving instructions such as ‘if I was going to do it I would put my feet here….’ etc. How lovely I thought until I heard a note of frustration in his voice as he helped them change their minds yet again, followed by ‘why can’t you just make your bloody minds up!’!

I will be paying closer attention to what I say in future, although I’m sure this can’t possibly be my influence!


Finally today:
We have mostly been shopping for:
Ochina! x
PS I have one follower so far of which I am vvv excited!

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