At last!

Well I’ve finally got my act together and have decided to write a blog about our life here in Ghana!

As well as that I’ll also post some of the normal everyday stuff like home educating the kids, seeing friends & family, updates on what Sabre (Sabre Charitable Trust) are doing etc..

I’ve only sent the link to my ‘Ghana News’ email list so that rather than ending up sending one huge email every few months I’ll hope to have a more regular update on line for you to dip in and out of at your leisure!

I currently have no idea how to ‘do’ a blog so bear with me whilst I learn.

I’ll leave you with a typical occurrence:  No water all day (the Ghanaians say ‘the pipe is closed’) and a power cut (Ghanains call it ‘light off’) from 6pm to 9pm – just when you need it the most.  It’s currently 29 degrees in the house (at 10pm) and probably around 90% humidity.  The power cuts are currently scheduled for every two to three nights. Fun!

Ochina! x


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